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HappyToBeBlue's Journal Page

15 July
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Want to know about me? This should sum it up:

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any at all. If it wasn’t for the gutter, my mind would be homeless. Cooking is my passion. If I could move my bed to the kitchen, I certainly would do it! I enjoy doing crafty things like scrapbooking, coloring and creating crazy masterpieces out of even crazier objects.

I fell in love hard recently. Before I met him, I didn’t know such a thing even existed. I thank God everyday for blessing me with someone who understands me. Someone who gets what I am about. Someone who appreciates me and isn’t afraid to show me.

I have a real sister named Heather. I also have two half sisters. Sandy is the older of the two and has become a very beautiful woman. The other, Becca, is a teenager (almost) that just needs some patience and understanding but will have no problems finding her way thru life.

I also have 3 half brothers. Although I have not met the oldest, I know that Eric is a good kid somewhere deep inside. The other two, Hunter and Colt, are the sweetest little men that I have ever met. I can only hope that when I have children (if they are boys) that they will be as sweet and thoughtful as my little men.

Who I'd like to meet: My mother’s mother... She died when my mom was very young. I would love to have met her because she was a very beautiful woman. If only she hadn’t died, my mom would know what it was like to have a wonderful woman supporting her with everything she did.
Hmm, who else would I like to meet?? The father of the love of my life... I would thank him for raising his son right and showing him how a REAL man should be. (I will also thank his mother for the spectacular job she did as well, but it would be easier for me to meet her. )

My main interests are: Cooking, pleasing everyone around me, surviving, taking care of my family, world news, weather, and writing.

I like all kinds of music (don't really like it, but can tolerate SOME country). I have wayyyyy too many favorite bands to list. Just an idea- 3 Doors Down, 3 Days Grace, DAUGHTRY (DUH!!!), Hinder, etc.

My "shows" are (when I used to watch a lot of TV): My Name is Earl (Jason Lee Rules),The Shield, House, Bones, Got to have DEXTER (some day I will marry that psycho!) Had really been into Monk, Psych, Burn Notice and 2 and a half men.

I love reading especially. Daddy by Danielle Steele is my all time favorite, but I have read a ton of her work. I love how she takes simple words, makes beautiful stories, which turn in to awesome movies in my head.
I have read all of the eight book set from James Paterson (Women's Murder Club). They are good. I am always waiting for the next one to come out so I can read it within a day. He has some other pretty good ones too!

I am in the process of reading a book called “Jewel” by a writer named Bret Lott. It is a book about a woman who gives birth to a daughter with Down Syndrome and does her best to show the little girl a great life and gives her the relationship that every little girl needs. The book is from the 1940’s when this type of thing was not as common as it is today. I am super excited to get to the end so I can see if it turns out the way I hope.

My hero? My sister, Heather. She has endured more than anyone could imagine. The part that makes her most heroic to me is she takes every day and starts it with a smile. I wish that the whole world could be as beautiful as she is.