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safireeyes2001 those last few posts are for you. This is what was ACTUALLY said... So yeahhhhh, your "best friend" is as much of a liar as you.

Just goes to show that once again you chose strangers over your own daughter. You would think by now that I would be used to it. But of course it still hurts.

I really wish that you would see how much your actions throughout my life have affected me.

Thanks to you, I now have trust and abandonment issues.

Oh I know , you are going to say "oh woe is me." Seriously though, you really need to step back and see what a shitty life you made for me... For example -and these are just a few bullet points-:

Remember all those times you had strange men coming and going when we lived in the house across from Laubachs? I do.

Remember how when we lived in Nescopeck you disappeared one night without telling me where you went? Yeah, you left me at home with Heather on a Thursday night to go have sex with a black man (and his brother) that you met on the internet. You didn't come home that night, or the next morning. I missed school that Friday because you were not responsible enough to be home in time to put Heather on the bus. When you got home, you saw me cleaning and said "I should not come home more often."

How about how I wanted to go back to school, was accepted and ready to start and you flat out denied me any help to make it happen?

Remember the night that I asked Liz to come over and watch Heather so I could go on a date but then you ended up coming home? I thanked Liz for watching Heather and you looked at me and said "you never thanked me for watching her."

Oh, how about how you left Todd for Eric-whom you met on the internet. You didn't even give him an explanation. You lied to him and left me to deal with it. Did you know that he called me at work and cried on the phone with me for almost an hour? Almost lost my job for that one...

And I will end with one of my favorites here- how about how you left Eric- subsequently lying to him in the process as well- because you found your "long lost high school sweetheart" on the internet. Hmmmmm.... Best part of that, you took a mentally handicapped person as we'll as 2 minors to shack up with a registered sex offender!!! Then you had the nerve to call me judgemental. Really? Because my whole life, I was the ONLY one that ever supported you. I may not have agreed with the shit you pulled, but I fucking stuck around! I had plenty of opportunities to leave you high and dry. But i didn't because I trusted you. I wanted you to be happy.

I truly think that you (and myself as well) need counseling. I definitely have unresolved anger and other issues from our life together.... At least I am not too clouded by my own ego to admit I have a problem.

I don't know if you will read this, or will even take it seriously. At this point, I don't give a shit.... I just want you to know i am not the only guilty party in this mess....

I am going to end this with- for your information, my daughter is doing well. She is blossoming in to a very bright child. She is very receptive to things that a child of her age shouldn't really be.... I hope you regret that moment when you put more distance between you, her and I. Because, it is definitely YOU missing out on her jokes, antics, and her beautiful personality.




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